Professionals in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) work to improve the quality and standards of individual and family life.

We do this by the:

The Ohio Affiliate to the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS) is the organization to help you to achieve that work.

Recognition of Efforts

Awards and Scholarships

Get recognized for your efforts and contributions to the profession. Your accomplishments are influential and OAFCS would like to honor them.

Scholars striving to increase their FCS knowledge could also be eligible for scholarships to assist their educational endeavors.

Opportunities in FCS can help you grow professionally and personally. Once you become a member, an Ohio member will reach out to offer local opportunities. In addition to the local opportunities here in Ohio, the national affiliate also has a great deal of opportunities and ways to get involved.

Offering Leadership Opportunities

Get Involved

Educational Content and Programs


Conferences are a great way to connect with others sharing a passion for FCS and learn the vast amount of FCS-related topics.

OAFCS strives to provide communities, professionals, and families with FCS-related content. Research must be conducted to provide information and expertise, establish and improve standards of service and scientific research in the public interest in family and consumer sciences

Educational Content and Programs


Influencing Public Policy


The efforts of all FCS professionals will only be understood if we build awareness, influence legislation, and promote programs.

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