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AAFCS is asking you to provide your input on the National Career Clusters Framework.  Learn how you can Advocate for the inclusion of FCS in a Career Cluster

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FCS Alliance

Let’s Build a Statewide Alliance to Sustain Family and Consumer Sciences

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Suggested Next Steps:

– Survey time with FCS Alliance Stakeholders of best meeting times including month, day of the week, and time of the day.

– Kathryn Wood, OAFCS Webmaster, will create survey and send link to Susan Shockey and Margaret Jenkins for them to send to Ohio FCS Workgroup participants.

Legislation Concerning FCS

SB 17-

During the 3rd hearing on SB 17 with the House Primary & Secondary Committee two amendments to the bill were offered and accepted:

During the 4th hearing on SB 17 with the House Primary & Secondary Committee 5 opposing witnesses shared their testimony.

During the 5th hearing on SB 17 with the House Primary & Secondary Committee on November 28, 2023, the committee made the following changes to the Senate-passed version of the bill: 

Reasons House Primary & Secondary Education Committee members should not support this bill:


Are you willing to provide a testimony? Please complete the form below and your written testimony to OHRPrimary& at least 24 hours before the Committee meeting. Limit your testimony to no more than five minutes and be prepared to cut it to three minutes if necessary.


Please send a message to the members of the Senate Finance Committee:

Matt DolanChairR614-466-8056Send Email
Jerry CirinoVice ChairR614-644-7718Send Email
Vernon SykesRanking MemberD614-466-7041Send Email
Lou BlessingR614-466-8068Send Email
Andrew BrennerR614-466-8086Send Email
Hearcel CraigD614-466-5131Send Email
Theresa GavaroneR614-466-8060Send Email
Paula Hicks HudsonD614-466-5204 Contact
George LangR614-466-8072Send Email
Nathan ManningR614-644-7613Send Email
Bill ReinekeR614-466-8049Send Email
Mark RomanchukR614-466-7505Send Email
Kirk SchuringR614-466-0626Send Email